The Affordable Law Firm strongly believes in what may be called the client’s “Bill of Rights”… the clients are treated with dignity and respect.

The physical setting for The Affordable Law Firm’s practice is in a redone or refurbished “Denver Square” home, one-half block west of City Park, in Denver, named The Brock House. This house was constructed in the late 1890s, and at one time was the home for one family, The Brocks. The Affordable Law Firm’s office is on the first floor, with a southern exposure and floor to ceiling windows. The office and the house have a special ambiance, and present a warm, friendly, and non-threatening environment in which to see an attorney, (when people are usually stressed, and are experiencing anxiety).

The office of The Affordable Law Firm has been in this location since 1997. There are six other attorneys in this building. Although all the attorneys are not a law firm, they have all shared office space together since the mid 1980’s. Thus, The Affordable Law Firm’s practice is in a very stable environment. Because every attorney in the building does something different, it is beneficial to the client, because the opportunity for referrals in other areas of law is possible (in which the client may have a legal problem of a different nature).

“I carry a  relatively small caseload in my office, so that I can offer more client-intensive legal services to my clients; and so that I can give more attention, and more care, to your case.  This allows me to return your calls and e-mails, (if I am not in court), in the same morning or afternoon that I receive your call or e-mail.  This also allows me to have you come in for an appointment within 24 hours of talking to you, if we determine an appointment is needed.